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[25 Feb 2006|06:47pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

ok so its my birthday today and im underway. JOY WRITE ME AN EMAIL I MISS YOU....I MISS YOU JOY!!!!!!!!! angela i love you and tell the family that i miss them and that i cant wait for them to come in april. ok well that is all.

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jksjsjvgjsjk mmmmmmmm [06 Feb 2006|01:58am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so.....tired...have...watch....5......hours. underway is ok. too tired to describe it right now. i have to go do another 5 hour watch. ive had 2 in one day and we have unrep tomorrow for another 5 hours then work so i will be getting no sleep. pulling like a 28 hour day. blah. i feel dead.

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so the ghettoprise lives up to its name... [02 Feb 2006|05:22pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so yeah i was supposedto go underway jan 22nd and its february 2nd and we where supposed to go underway this morning but our old ass peice of shit ship is brocken so we have to wait till 0530 tomorrow morning. i wish we would hurry up and leave so i could get this shit out of the way! so yeah i'll be gone for 2 weeks. im bored and stuck on the ship and tired as hell from lack of sleep and slave work all day. but sadly enough i love the navy so i dont really mind it all that much. so yeah you guys can drop me an email underway, its the only contact i can have with the outside world and i can respond if i ever get the time to do so. my email address is under the cut so if you want it take it, use it, abuse it, whatever. i miss florida. to bad i wont be coming back till next christmas. thats ok. my bday is the 25th so 3 months after i get back from cruise ill be 21. yay! happy b-day to everyone in february and happy v-day even though mine always suck, considering this year has been better than last! ha ha at least i didnt get dumped. i miss you guys, hope everyone is doing well. see yah later! email addressCollapse )

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oh goodie look mommy! it's an update! [23 Jan 2006|10:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yeah so here i is randomly updating.its almost 11 which means sleepy time and there are new clean sheets on my racj...yum. well my paul paul goes underway tomorrow so i guess i have really nothing to do for like..ever. lol nah just 3 days. ive been getting the weirdest phone calls from people latley! don from SN ATD school and perez who i went to bootcamp and SN ATD school with. and today i got a call from kevo which was cool, his ship is coming into port real soon from thier cruise and he wants to hang out. im looking forward to hangin with kevo. well im just doing little underways trips until may to get ready for our six month cruise, a week here, a month there, another few days out in the ocean over heeeere, then before you know it, WHOOP. im gone for half a damn year. im excited though because our CO told us that the first 3 ports we were going to pull into would be, Australia, Singapore (china), and thailand! yay for west packs! we will be going to iraq and jabali, and biarain and other ports like italy and spain and maybe france if we are extra lucky. i plan on sending my family lottsa suvaniers. the other cool thing is that i migh be able to get 4 out of the 5 1/2 months we are out to sea TAX FREE! so i will be getting base pay, sea pay, eminant danger pay, and hazerdous duty pay all TAX FREE! HOORAY! im gunna come back with the big bucks! and i have great things to look forward to when i get back. paul is re-enlisting and taking a special 90 day MM scool on base here. he will strt recieving BAH (basic housing allowance) and we are already looking at apartments around Norfolk and Ocean view they are so cheap here its rediculous. so i'll get to live with my paulie when i get back and it shall be grand because neither one ofus will have to go out o sea for another 3 years or so and if paul transferes to the truman than we will both be in the shipyards at the same time so this also works out funny. im sure things will turn out great, im excited about the future. i just advanced to e-3 this month so next march i will be able to take the E4 test and become BM3 Bailey. cant wait to be a petty pfficer and make some good moneys. hoorah.

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ho ho ho and a bottle of rum! [09 Jan 2006|04:53pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

yeah so i have been busy busy! the navy likes it that way unfortunatly. we have to work late everyday now sense our ship is getting ready for in-serve before we go on our cruise. so insted of getting off at 1430 we dont get off until 1600. oh well. paul and i might be going to boston this weekend sense we have a 3 day weekend, maybe ill get to finally see some snow! well not much else to report here, ive just been chillin with paul and kiker, we where apartment sitting for a friend of his while he was on leave, they have two kee kee kats so we took care of them and used there apratment like it was home. it was nice. paul will have his BHA by the time i get back from my cruise and he wants me to come stay with him when he gets his aparment so im super excited about that, even though its close to another year away. by that time too, ill be a petty officer, i dunno if im going to strike BM or some kind of engineering job but i guess ill know by the time im half way into the cruise. i know christmas and new years are over but someone on my ship sent me this little christmas story thing and makes me all tingly and googly inside when i read it so i thought id post it sense everyone is all obsessed with the army and the marines, everyone forgets about the sailors. poor us, how could you leave out drinking and piliging for guns and dirt!?

The Sailor's Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, the ship was out steaming,
Sailors stood watch while others were dreaming.

They lived in a crowd with racks tight and small,
In a 80-man berthing, cramped one and all.

I had come down the stack with presents to give,
And to see inside just who might perhaps live.

I looked all about, a strange sight did I see,
No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree.

No stockings were hung, shined boots close at hand,
On the bulkhead hung pictures of a far distant land.

They had medals and badges and awards of all kind,
And a sober thought came into my mind.

For this place was different, so dark and so dreary,
I had found the house of a Sailor, once I saw clearly.

A Sailor lay sleeping, silent and alone,
Curled up in a rack and dreaming of home.

The face was so gentle, the room squared away,
This was the United States Sailor today.

This was the hero I saw on TV,
Defending our country so we could be free.

I realized the families that I would visit this night,
Owed their lives to these Sailors lay willing to fight.

Soon round the world, the children would play,
And grownups would celebrate on Christmas Day.

They all enjoyed freedom each day of the year,
Because of the Sailor, like the one lying here.

I couldn't help wonder how many lay alone,
On a cold Christmas Eve on a sea, far from home.

The very thought brought a tear to my eye,
I dropped to my knees and started to cry.

The Sailor aw! akened and I heard a calm voice,
"Santa, don't cry, this life is my choice."

"Defending the seas all days of the year,
So others may live and be free with no fear."

I thought for a moment, what a difficult road,
To live a life guided by honor and code.

After all it's Christmas Eve and the ship's underway!
But freedom isn't free and it's sailors who pay.

The Sailor say's to our country "be free and sleep tight,
No harm will come, not on my watch and not on this night.

The Sailor rolled over and drifted to sleep,
I couldn't control it, I continued to weep.

I kept watch for hours, so silent, so still,
I watched as the Sailor shivered from the night's cold chill.

I didn't want to leave on that cold dark night,
This guardian of honor so willing to fight.

The Sailor rolled over and with a voice strong and sure,
Commanded, "Carry on Santa, It's Christmas, and All is Secure!"

MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a Happy New Year

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i will beat you with a 2 X 4 [29 Dec 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | loved ]

yeah so i have duty today and i bunch of people from deck department and myself are up here in the deck office watching a movie called standing tall, its freaky so i thought id update my journal. leave was fun, i needed it bad. i needed to see joy and tahni again it clensed my soul and i wish i didnt have to go but i know ill see them soon enough. they got to meet smothers too, and it looked to me like he really likes them, vise-versa, so he gets to hang out with them on new years insted of me, lucky. well i have my car up here now and all is good PLUS paul gets to borrow one of our friends apartments for 2 weeks while hes on leave so i can cook him breakfast and play house and it will be grand lol. im really enjoying my relationship with paul. its refreshing and hes such a good guy and totally different than any guy i have ever been interested in, cant wait for him to meet my parents when they come up here to see me. im so happy right now my life is perfect because i have my family who i love so much, my friends here and at home, and just everything is great, everyday is so good. the navy may suck but things would never feel this good if i hadnt have joined, i hate to think of where i would be if i wasnt where i am now. i got to see the memoirs of a geisha movie, it wasnt nearly as good as the book but it definatly got me right in the heart so i cant wait to buy it when it comes out then ill have the movie and the book. well im tired so i think im going to go hit my rack, i have to muster in the morning at 0615 fir the knockoff so i need to get my beauty sleep!


1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?
no but i guess to hold onto paul as long as i can, we are doing good so far.

2.Who kissed you at midnight?
i didnt get a kiss last year but this year ill be getting kisses from paul

3. Does it snow where you live?
it will or so everyone says

4. Do you like hot chocolate?
yeah but the hot chocolate on our ship is always broken.

5. Have you ever been to times square to watch the ball drop?
no and i cant say i really want to.


1. Who was your valentine in 2005?
no one. i got dumped on valentines day 2005

2. What did your valentine get you? nothing but a sad email

3. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class?
fuck no i had no friends back then i was lucky to even get valentines cards


1. Are you Irish?
well my last name is bailey so...

2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day?
if i remember to i do

3.What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2005?
october fest and got wasted


1. Do you like the rain?
i love the rain but not in the winter time and when you live on a ship.

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?
considering it isnt april yet i cant answer this question but at least that gives me time to think of something

3. Do you get tons of candy on easter?
hell yeah my easter basket gets pimped out!


1. What's your favorite kind of flower?
tulips and sunflowers

2. Do you like the spring?
yeah because allt he flowers start blooming which reminds you that you can always start anew

3. Finish the phrase: April showers bring may flowers, what do May flowers bring?
the mayflower brings me out to the sea

4. What would you think of as a spring color?
anything pastel and soft looking


1. What year did you graduate from school?

2. Did you go on any vacations last June?
actually yes, before i went to bootcamp my family and i went to washington dc and it was one of the best vactions i have taken so far


1. What did you do on the 4th of July?
last 4th of july i fuckin worked all day.

2. Did you go on any vacations during this month?
ha ha yeah my vaction to bootcamp


1. Did you do anything special to end off your summer?
no i was in the middle of bootcamp during the whole month of august

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '05?
meeting paul.

3. Do you go swimming a lot in the summer?
whenever im in florida, guess we will have to see how hot it gets here in virginia beach.

4. Do you go to the beach a lot?
not really but i love it whenever i get the chance or make the effort to go.


1. Did you attend school/college in '05?
i did a little bit of community college but that didnt last long

2. Who is/was your favorite teacher?
mr bishop

3. Do you like fall better than summer?
not really, if im in florida yeah but up north here it gets too damn cold.


1. What was your favorite halloween costume ever?
jesse from pokemon lol.

2. What's your favorite candy?

3. What did you dress up like this year?
a sexy domanarix kitty


1. Whose house do you usually go to for thanksgiving?
this yeah i went to paul's house to have thanksgiving with his family and i had a wonderful time.

2. Do you like stuffing?
well my mom made this oyster stuffing one year and thats the only time i can ever really remember liking it.

3. What are you thankful for?
family, friends, and my new boyfriend.


1. Do you like christmas?
yes especially now because it reminds me of how much i love being with my family.

2. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?
no not yet.

3. What do you want this year for christmas?
i already got what i wanted, thats paul and a 30gb ipod

4. What's the best present you ever got for Christmas?
hmm this one is hard but i would have to say the stereo i got when i was like 10 that lasted all the way until i was 19

5. Do you like cold weather?
not when im here in virginia but down south yeah

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tick tock tick tock [16 Dec 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so im sitting here at Q-80 just chillin because there isnt anything better to do and i dont feel like getting drunk tonight. i have been working my ass off this week with quals and our ship has been doing all sorts of drills to get us ready for our 6 month deployment in may. i get to do fun things though when we go to thretcon charlie, like go UI for a boat drop so my watch consists of 3 hours riding around in a speed boat. beats sitting up on the flight deck or the fain tail with a fake gun looking stupid when its cold outside. so im coming home on the 19th, im really excited because i get to see joy and tahni and i get to spend christmas with my family AND i get to bring my car back to norfolk, so thats already good fortune in my favor. paul, my new, i guess guy im dating, went back to boston for christmas, i just saw him off today. i thought i wouldnt be ready to date again for a long time, i mean crushes and friends with benifits was easy because there was no atachment, no pain, but with paul i guess i kept fighting for him to not want to date me by not talking about it or not hanging on him too much, but unlike any guy ive ever dated he made allt he first moves including asking me to be his girl. so i dunno i said no at first and admitted to him i was afraid to be in another relationship especially after how bad i got fucked up from the last one, but paul gave me my space and time to think it out and though im still scared deep down im giving it a try. its nice to have someone to hang out with who your comfortable being around and who you know isnt just there because they want a peice of ass. he said he would come down to florida with me on our stand down before my deployment and meet the family and what not. i like paul hes really confident in himself and he knows how to strive to get things done, he has a great sense of humor and he isnt very shy, at least not when you put alcohol in his system. hes unlike any guy i have ever dated, a complete oposite fromt he rest, he doesnt have that weird "Something" all the others seemed to have in common and im thinking that going with something opposite from what i have been run over by might work out better for me in the long run. like i said im still scared and trying really hard not to get attached to him but i guess nature will just have to take its course, plus it would be nice to have someone to come back home too becaus ei will NOT have anything to do with the guys on my ship, thats way too much drama. the deployments away from eachother are hard sense we are on 2 different ships but i guess knowing we go through the same things makes it easier not to miss one another as much. especially because underway all you do is work and do watches and sleep for about 3 to 4 hours before you have to get up and start all overe again. well i better get going i need to hit the rack, ive been working my ass off non stop this week and it leaves me really tired plus i have duty tomorrow and i have to muster at 0600 so i want to try to get as much sleep as humanly possible. thats enough of my life stories for one night, see everyone on tuesday!


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another day another dollar [30 Nov 2005|02:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so ive been on my ship now for about 2 weeks. yeah...its HUGE. the first 2 days i got lost like 14354685435 times but now i know my way around the ship pretty well. havent been doing much, working alot, deck department keeps us really busy and im in the 3rd division so i work with all the boats. or ship is going through terrorist training this week so every time the terrorist alert goes up a level we have to practice different kinds of drills like, intruder on board, hostage taking, fire on the peir, mass causualties, stuff like that. but because we are on thretcon charlie, we have to have RHIB boat droped in the water at all times and becaus eim in the boat department with the boatswains mates i get to go out there with them for watches. going 45 mph plus on a speed boat for a few hours is the nest kind of watch i have yet to stand! i dont know if im coming home for christmas/new years, it doesnt look to promising considering i havent got to put my chit in because i have yet to find out from distrubution, how many leave days i actually have. if i dont get leave over the holidays though im going to take leave befor our world tour. i did get a mini vaction though for thankgiving, my friend paul from the LHA 1 the wasp, was going to drive up to boston alone to have thanksgiving with his family and he asked me if i wanted to go with him sense i wasnt doing much of anything either. i said yes and we had a very fun 4 days together and well...kinnda grew to like each other. i think he wants to date me. he never saysis straight out but he hints at it and he also is always like "i really like you, your awesome" and i just say fuck you and punch him becaus ei flirt wierd. lol. but i dunno, i like him a lot too but i dont want to date especially if we are both in the navy, it would become too much of a relationship and we would both be doing so much owrrying that we would even look forward to seeing one another we would be constantly wondering who was cheating on who, so i guess we are going to keep i to friends with benifits lol. its better that way, me just not dating is better for the world lol. anyways i gotta go, i have to go the nex and get some shit so i can do my laundry and what not. later.

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could it be? IT IS TAHNI..... IT IS I SATAN! [15 Nov 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

so yeah...i uh had TPU duty today. it was well...a hurry up and wait military senario, SURPRISE!! hope i didnt scare anyone. i ate at a swanky little galley today they had corn dogs a la mode with le maccaroni and cheease! after that this dude and i went down to the peir to look at the 64847654324454354654354 ships in the pier docks. there was like a billion CG'S, DDG'S, LHA'S, and LSD's they where big, grey, pretty, and full of seamen. lol. then i took a nap, and it was grand. now im at c9 beign bored, but paul (the MM3) called me, he goes underway tomorrow for like a week and sense he works down in the pit he works 2 6 hour watches, that fuckin sucks. so i think he want to come chill with me which doesnt suck atall. so yeah today i found out my ship is going on a world tour FOR 8 FUCKIN MONTHS! i am going to go nuts but it will be fun, i will get to go to japan, thats really all in concearned about, oh and we are going to birain (in iraq somewhere) so i get hazerdous duty pay and a nice ribbon to add tot he ones i already have. yippy ki yi yay! we are going all over the east coast, the carribean, all through the MED. sea, the middle east, and then the last 2 months of our deployment we switch with the shittyhawk and finish off the tour as a west pac so i could possibly go to korea, japan, china, australia, russia, whatever. so im looking forward to getting off this base and being bored on my ship insted. that is all from virginia, im out like a fat kid in dodgeball.

ps: i miss joy and tahni. a lot...

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so yeah im uh....in virginia [13 Nov 2005|02:02pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

holy titty fucking christ norfolk is fuckin huge. its like 100 square miles of pure navy. lol. my first day sucked because i was all alone and didnt know anyone at all but yesterday was awesome around 1600 i met 2 guys both MM3's at C9 and we ended up going out to red lobster, getting trashed and went to an apartment party and got even more trashed and it was fun fun fun. so now i have a slight hangover and my pants are missing lol. dont ask how that happened, i guess they went missing while i was trying on some sweet BDU's but now im wearing man pants i look like one of thoes freaky children whos pants are 545674654564 sizes too fuckin big. well thats about it from this neck of the woods im out.

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i smell santa, and that fucker is e'in my cookies! [10 Nov 2005|12:49pm]
[ mood | somber ]

yeah so im packing up my seabags, i leave tomorrow for Norfolk. my ship is coming back from a short deployment (of like 2 weeks) and we will stay in port for 2 months i guess that way everyone gets their christmas/new years leave. i wont be taking mine due to the fact in in the whole with leave days so ill be having christmas dinner at the galley! hoorah! i guess after that we are going on our 6 month tour the CO told us we will be taking the last few months of the kitty hawks deployment so my temporary duty station will be in yokosuka! yay! i want to try to go to tokyo and see the harajuku girls. i wish joy could be with me when i do that...only we understand the intesity not being able to dress yourself can have on a person! but anyways ill have my phone on me until i go out for deployment and turn it back on again when we get back from our tour. im going to have to use a new email address too because jonas told me that they arnt letting us use anymore mailing systems like hotmail, or earthlink, yahoo, ect. so i have to start using shipp email. ill post it or at least get my sister to post it when i finally do get assigned an address. so yeah thats about it. i probably wont be back in cocoa for another year or so (depending on if they make me take christmas/new years leave)but im going to try and keep my journal updated and ill always be on myspace and have my email so talk to me if you want too. well gotta finish packing. smooth sailing or whatever.

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[08 Nov 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I've been assuming everything
Hoping you'll soon mean everything
I've gotta stay calm. I want this to be real
I don't think you're into me
But truely thats okay with me
I've gotta stay calm and find out how you feel

So if you wanna say 'I-I-I like you'
I might feel just like you
If you choose-choose not to
I knew you-you would

Sometimes I think I am out of my league
And then sometimes I think I can dream
Sometimes I wish I could be the one fish
That you choose out of all in the sea

We are non existant
But I'll try to be persistant
I've gotta keep on if want to be close to you
I know you're uninterested
Im probably just some stupid kid
I could give up if you would want me to

found that from willy's away message. i can relate.

can you hear it denver?

i thought joy would like to give me a tongue bath. [03 Nov 2005|08:25pm]
[ mood | full ]

so yeah...um. cocoa is boring. the end.

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dash it all.... [30 Oct 2005|07:42pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

uuugh. i cant stop thinking about clint. its really getting to me for some odd reason, that "what could have been if the navy wasnt in the way" i told myself going in i wanted nothing to do with anyone and that is didnt want to have feelings for anybody but along come smothers being all cute and interested in me and we hit it off super well from the start. now we want but cant have eachother and i think its making us both sad. i want to just not care, think i had a good time, and move on but i just cant. i dont know what it is, i just want him bad. i know i just gotta move on and hope to see him sometime when im on leave considering we will both be in florida. but i have the enterprise to look forward to where i have to start all over again. le sigh. i hate that. but i have no choice, there wont be another leu or another smothers but i really hope there is somthing close.

Summer has come and past.
The innocent can never last.
Wake me up when September ends.

Like my fathers come to pass,
Seven years has gone so fast.
Wake me up when September ends.

Here comes the rain again,
Falling from the stars.
Drenched in my pain again,
Becoming who we are.
As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost.
Wake me up when September ends.

Summer has come and past.
The innocent can never last.
Wake me up when September ends.

Ring out the bells again.
Like we did when spring began.
Wake me up when September ends.

Here comes the rain again,
Falling from the stars.
Drenched in my pain again,
Becoming who we are.
As my memory rest,
But never forgets what I lost.
Wake me up when September ends.

Summer has come and past.
The innocent can never last.
Wake me up when September ends.

Like my fathers come to pass.
Twenty years has gone so fast.
Wake me up when September ends

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yyeeeeeeup. [29 Oct 2005|02:41pm]
[ mood | okay ]

got some pitters developed. i miss SNATD school. i miss my navy friends, leaving and knowing you may never see someone again sucks. but thats the navy for ya.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thats me and my smothers. if we where in the same duty station we would be dating. damn.

navy funtime pittersCollapse )

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honey im cummin home! [26 Oct 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so yeah I FINALLY GET TO LEAVE CHICAGO! my section leader sucks a lot of cock and made me stand the 0200 to 0400 watch KNOWING i was leaving in the morning so im really freakin tired. im at the airport right now, waisting time at the USO on their free internet and thought id let everyone know ill be back in cocoa as of 0100 in the morning so gimmi a call. i miss smothers lol. stupid boys, he ended up havign a huge crush on me, as did i for him but we desided to be good friends who run into eachother and occasionally have sex like we did while at school. i hate when me plans change like not wanting to have feelings for anyone but oh well you just cant help it sometimes, at least now i have an extra person to call up when im waisted! which i plan on drinkin A LOT while on leave, have to catch up im 3 months behind lol. ill be swinging by cocoa high tomorrow to pick up my siblings, think ill stop by he band room to holla, look for me ill be in all white looking pimp as SIN! ok well my main plan besides chillin with my family is haley's holloweiner party in which i plan to get waisted! surprise! well thats all for now, i have to catch my plane in a bit, im excited to get back to cocoa i need to get the hell out of this cold and i need to see some fuckin palm trees. much love

beetle bailey

ps: i miss you leu.

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well fuck me runnin' [15 Oct 2005|08:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so yeah the navy is pretty boring right now. i just got back from six flags, they had a fright night thing and it was fun. i went with smothers, a guy, who is cute, and interested in me, he held me hand, and it was grand. hes a country boy, damn them, i have a weakness for them, they make me feel "hommie" if you have any clue what i mean. plus he kinnda reminds me of jonas, he has that sae country boy thing in him as kevin did that makes me like...whoa. so yeah, i have no clue where is will go but it can only go up so im gunna take it and run with it because i deserve a good make out session at LEAST! LOL. so anyways im hioping to get off phase 2 liberty soon, gotta finish me stupid freakin watches. blah. so yeah thats it, thwe post office is closed till monday and it has my cell phone in it so i would be expecting calls for e in a day or so. ok well i gotta roll out, i have to do my liberty muster soon. dont have sex with protitutes and stay away from thoes carbs!

love your friendly neighborhood sailor,
beetle bailey

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i just watched cheech and chong! [09 Oct 2005|10:05am]
[ mood | hungry ]

so yeah i have duty today and i have nothing to do alday besides eating, watching tv, listening to music and then watch from 0400-0800. yeah i went to downtown chicago yesterday and it was so fun. we bought alcohol and got you-know-what. lol. then we went to this cool pub and had pizza and beer. it was me and 6 hot sailor men, i had so much fun. it would figure i dont goon liberty with girls, perez and leu are the only girls here ill hang out with because the rest are crazy or just plain boring. so yeah i dont know what in going to do for libery tomorrow but im going to find something fun to do, its a military holiday so we get a 3 day weekend and next week ill get sat and sun off because I WONT HAVE DUTY! yeah! so yeah bitches thats about it, i have to go slep now and iron my working blues, i think im going to wear the skirt tomorrow with my pumps because i look hot. lol. ill have to send pictures when they get developed so you can see the hot sailor men i get to chill with. i fuckin hate the navy but i do love it all at the same time, its such a confusing relationship, the navy and i, but we will work it out. lol. ok lader taders, sorry im bored and dont have much to write about that you would ever understand because its all military mumbo jumbo and what not. much love hookers!


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NSTC: NAVAL SACK of TURDS that are CARODED [05 Oct 2005|02:42pm]
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yeah so im at NSTC which really stands for naval service training command where they are like "hey your a sailor, go to school and learn how to live on a ship FOREVER!!!" and we are like...ok but if i dont get my sea pay im coming after your ass! i miss anime....like FOR REAL ITS CRAZY. my mom is sapossed to be sending me a care pakage but the very next day i found out i was getting transfered to NSTC so im hoping thoes lammos at RTC will ship my stuff over here because I NEED MY ELECTRONICS! ha ha you will understand if you ever go a solid 2 months or longer without them. ok well thats all. my cell phone is getting mailed to me soon so maybe then ill try to get in touch with people, john and mark, i love you both, sorry i couldnt call you back, i ran out of time on my phone card, but ill call you both soooooon! so yeah, -ps sister unit, get thoes pictures up so i can see my new hot sexy self lol. jk i just need some pictures too look at cuz its boring here. its like college but with 464854321321811154564545 rules.

sorry i had to get that out.

Name:Christine Bailey
Birthplace:Rockledge Florida
Current Location:Great Lakes, Illinois
Eye Color:browm
Hair Color:brown with high lights
Height:64 inches
Right Handed or Left Handed:both
Your Heritage:holy crap: finish, french canadian, irish, asian, german
The Shoes You Wore Today:my boots and my hella sexy pumps
Your Weakness:boys...in sailor outfits...
Your Fears:falling in love again
Your Perfect Pizza:cheese so much frickin cheese
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:strike for my rate or at least learn my shit so i can strike
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:lol or "so yeah..."
Thoughts First Waking Up:fuck i hate revielle...
Your Best Physical Feature:right now all of my is looking pretty good cuz i lost 25 pounds during basic
Your Bedtime:2200 but i usually stay up to iron my utilities
Your Most Missed Memory:living with joy and tahni
Pepsi or Coke:coke
MacDonalds or Burger King:burger king, i wish we had one on base, but NOOO we only have mikey dees
Single or Group Dates:um i dont go on date because no one wants to date me
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla:both mixed together
Cappuccino or Coffee:cappuccino
Do you Smoke:no
Do you Swear:fuck yeah, like a mutha fuckin sailor!
Do you Sing:all the time, especially in the shower.
Do you Shower Daily:yes i do, always before liberty
Have you Been in Love:yes i think i still i am sometimes.
Do you want to go to College:no i dont but the navy is going to make me.
Do you want to get Married:some day yes i very much do but right now, HELL NO!
Do you belive in yourself:not as much as i should but its gotten better sense joining the military
Do you get Motion Sickness:no way jose
Do you think you are Attractive:sometimes or when guys walk by me and go "good evening shipmate" in a 'i wanna pick you up' kinnda voice
Are you a Health Freak:fuck no!
Do you get along with your Parents:very much so i love my family with all my heart and i miss them
Do you like Thunderstorms:i love thunderstorms, i wish we would have more up here
Do you play an Instrument:upright bass
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:NO AND I REALLY WANT TO!
In the past month have you Smoked:no and im glad i havent
In the past month have you been on Drugs:yeah its called the navy
In the past month have you gone on a Date:no i havent, and i have yet to.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:yeah gurnee mills! rainforest cafe whoop whoop!
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:no way! but do galley cookies count?
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:NO AND I REALLY WANT TO DO THAT TOOOO!
In the past month have you been on Stage:no but i preformed for my pass and review at bootcamp as the state flags unit.
In the past month have you been Dumped:sheesh! i havent even been picked up!
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:no the last time i was in a pool was battle stations.
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:no but the government sure stole a lot from me!
Ever been Drunk:ha ha ha. at one time the question should have been: " ever been sober?"
Ever been called a Tease:actually yes because im not a whore like some sailors think i should be and when things dont go there way they playa hate!
Ever been Beaten up:fuck no!
Ever Shoplifted:i used to shoplift a lot in middle school but i stoped. obviously.
How do you want to Die:i dunno, maybe like in a battle on the sea.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:i dunno geeze i guess i knew how to answer that question when i was 5 and said ballarina but now im not so sure so im going to stick to this sailor thing and see how it goes.
What country would you most like to Visit:JAPAN and EUROPE
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:brown
Favourite Hair Color:blondish brown
Short or Long Hair:short
Height:taller than me
Weight:not fat
Best Clothing Style:dont care
Number of Drugs I have taken:pot. thats it
Number of CDs I own:too many to count
Number of Piercings:my ears, damn military
Number of Tattoos:none yet
Number of things in my Past I Regret:i really regret nothing, i just learn from it.

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so yeah... [29 Sep 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

navy...NEVER AGAIN VOLENTEER YOURSELF! nah its not that bad. the thing that pisses me off though is the fact im stuck in bootcamp, im on hold because the hurricannes just wanted to come and fuck up everything so there is a whole ship or 600+ sailors including myself with no where to go. even though im just moving across the street i still get pushed back because my orders arnt as important at the people who have to go to pensecola and mississippi. fuck hurricannes. so yeah i cant WAIT to get the fuck out or RTC so i can have electronic and wear civilian clothes. i miss jeans and sandles and little tank tops like a fat girl misses cake after a week without any. so im over here across the street taking advantage of the MWR's recreation facilities, like their internet, so i should be able to check my email at least twice a week. blah. ok well im gunna go now. i love you all and miss you. smooth sailing muchachos.

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